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Student Samples Using Preparing to Write: Layers of Success Strategies
Primary student | Intermediate student

A primary student reluctantly wrote for 15 minutes:

     I like summer. No more homework. I get to do anything I want. I get more sleepovers. I go camping. I play videogames. I go fishing. I catch fish. Then I eat fish for dinner. I play sports. I play outside. I exercise. Then I start school.

Then, using a strategy that only takes 10-15 minutes to teach, Nick wrote for another fifteen minutes:

     Dad pushes the boat out into the lake. Dad puts the motor in the water, turns it on, and starts to troll. When my dad and I cast out, I?m with the Tasmanian devil, Dad is with the flatfish. An hour goes by, two hours, three hours, four hours, four and a half hours. Then, in a few minutes? BAMM! My dad has a fish! BAMM! I got a fish! I told my dad.
     ?Good,? he said.
     Flint! My dad?s fish came out of the water. Flint! My fish came out!
     After the fish were on the chain, my dad said, ?We?d better head back. It?s nine p.m.?
     ? Right,? I said.

Not only did Nick?s writing improve significantly from one 15-minute writing session to another in the same hour, but his reluctance to write also disappeared.


An intermediate student using another Preparing to Write strategy:

Prompt ? Change this ordinary first line into three interesting ones:

The girl drew.

You have ten minutes.

She wrote:    Images swirled and ebbed through her thoughts creating a rich palette of animated pictures. Rory?s fingers shouted, communicating to her. Anticipation. Like liquid, just about to flow off of a waterfall, Rory began to sketch.



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